Shea Fyffe

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Workshop 1
GMU R Workshop Interest Results
A report describing the levels of interest for graduate students of Psychology at George Mason University. Report taken Fall 2021.
Automated Document Coding in R
This is a brief introduction to coding text documents based on dictionaries of words in R.
It’s Time to Stop Being a Script Kitty
Presentation given for George Mason University's I/O Psychology Program. Date given: 09/01/2020
Barrier analysis
Intro to Psychmeta in R
This document was produced as a class project for George Mason University's PSYC 892 Meta-Analysis and SEM Course.
Stop Lying to Yourself, You'll Never Learn R
Brownbag given to George Mason University's I/O Program. Other resource are provided by request-contact:
An R Workshop for the Social Sciences
Fun Stuff!