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DATA605 HW#10
Markov Chain
DATA605 HW#9
central limit theorem etc.
Discussion Week9
response p312 q3
Discussion Week8
Chebyshev's Inequality 8.2.10
DATA605 HW#8
DATA605 HW#7
Discussion Week7
Discussion Week6
conditional and joint probabilities
DATA605 HW#6
Combinatronics & Probabilities
Discussion Week5
Introduction to Probability: Continuous Density Functions exercise
DATA605 HW#5
Uniformly distributed random numbers
Matrix Representation
Discussion Week4: Compute the matrix representation of T relative to the bases B and C
DATA605 HW#4
Inverse of a Matrix & Single Value Decomposition
Eigenvalue/vector Example
Discussion Week3 for Eigenvalues & Eigenvetors
DATA605 HW #3
Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors
DATA605 HW#2
Trace, Determinant & Factorization
DATA605 HW#1
Vectors, Matrices & Systems of Equations
RPSLS Simulation
A simple python simulation of a game of chance
FEMA Disaster Declarations: visualization & polynomial regression
The FEMA Disaster Declaration Summary dataset holds a record for every declaration of natural emergency since the early 1950. This analysis tours the dataset and models the duration of declaration over the years.
COVID-19 Mortality in US Counties Presentation
Slides for project presentation
COVID-19 Mortality in US Counties
a look at COVID-19 deaths by county and comparison with mortality rates for other leading causes of death in the US
Tidyverse Extend
my extension of Nilsa Bermudez' assignment. Part of a group project to practice version control with group collaboration. Here, I just added some text and a brief chunk of code to use tidyr & dplyr methods
Recommender Systems Summary
A brief overview and UX glance at MovieLens
NLP of MLP: My Little Pony text mining
follows chapter2: Sentiment Analysis with Tidy Data in Text Mining with R using the My Little Pony transcript data set from Here the nlp R libraries tidytext and syuzhet are used to weight positive and negative sentiments with respect to narrative duration and character.
purrr list filtering functions
Tidyverse vignette to demonstrate purrr list filtering function: pluck(), compact(), keep() & more
FEMA Disaster Declarations Project Proposal
Project proposal and preliminary descriptive stats for an analysis of turn-around time duration for different classifications of disasters.
NYTs' Best Selling Manga
R code to directly access information from the New York Times Books API, read in the JSON data to an R DataFrame, 'tidy' the data with tidyverse methods and visualize the results
Github Step-by-Step
fork a github repository, commit contributions & send a pull request
Scraping Reddit Comments
Some vary basic web scraping of reddit comments using the redditExtractoR library and text mining with the 'tm' library to create a wordcloud of most frequent words.
Alphabet Soup: HTML, XML & JSON in R
This demo will focus on reading and writing web data formats (.html, .xml & .json) in R. However, we will start by scraping data on several books from the MIT Press website.
Melting an R data.frame with dplyr & tidyr methods
This demo walks through reading & writing a .csv file before 'tidying' a dataset using methods from dplyr and tidyr libraries.
Video Games Sales 2019
Video Game Sales 2019 Dataset from Kaggle is tidied w/ dplyr & tidyr. ggplot is used to visualize the data
Chord Diagram Visualization of UN Migration Data
The UN International Migration Dataset is tidied w/ dplyr & tidyr. circlize is then used to visualize the data as a chord diagram
Tidying & Transforming Data
beginning with a small but really quite messy .csv file, use methods from tidyr & dplyr to clean the data and then perform some brief analysis & visualizations
Wrangling Text Data from a Chess Tournament
Given a text file with chess tournament results where the information has some structure, this R Markdown file generates a .CSV file that summarizes information from each player.
DATA607: R Character Manipulation
working with character strings and dates in R.
DATA607: SQL & R
loading information from a SQL database into an R dataframe
Loading Data Into a Dataframe
Introduction to R and RStudio for DATA606 Spring Semester 2020
A Prussian Poisson Process
Demonstrating a Poisson distribution with a classic data set: the von Bortkeiwicz Prussian horse-kicking data
Week 2 Homework
This R markdown document completes the homework assignment for week 2 of the R Bridge tutorial for the MSDS2020 Winter Bridge program
Week1 Homework
This R markdown document completes the homework assignment for week 1 of the R Bridge tutorial for the MSDS2020 Winter Bridge program.