Tomás A. Maccor

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A text prediction ShinyApp - Capstone Project - JHopkins DS Specialization
Presentation/sales pitch of "The Typing Caddie" - A text prediction ShinyApp. Final assigment of the Capstone Project in the Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization.
"Typing caddie" -- a predictive text application. Milestone Report for the Capstone Proyect of the J. Hopkins Data Science Specialization.
Shiny Application - Visualising the RMS Titanic Data
A basic Shiny App that enables user to explore the survival data of RMS Titanice by passenger Category & Sex.
Exploring densely populated cities of the world
This is an interactive map created with R Leaflet package. It allows the use to navigate the world map and locate all cities in the world with a population > 500,000.
Use of Statistical Inference to determine the effect of Vitamin C on Tooth Growth in Guinea pigs
Use of Statistical Inference to determine if Vitamin C has an effect on the tooth growth of Guinea pigs.
Reproducible Research & Exploratory Analysis of personal workout monitoring data
Analysis of data from a fitness band over 2 months for a subject.
Coursera Data Science Specialization - Reproducible Research - Assign #2
Analysis of the NOOA STORM database.