Zachary Ladin

Recently Published

Shorebird Occupancy - Delaware Bay, U.S.A.
Exploratory analysis using Saltmarsh and Habitat Avian Research Program (SHARP; tidal marsh bird survey data in Delaware Bay to estimate the probability of site occupancy for focal shorebird species of conservation concern.
Eastern Whip-poor-will Occupancy and Abundance in USFWS Northeast Region
Estimating probability of occupancy and relative abundance of the eastern whip-poor-will in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region using eBird data (2017-2021) and Landfire Ecosystem type landcover data.
Eagle Hacking Simulation
Project to explore the efficacy of eagle hacking programs in throughout the USA.
Exploratory analyses of avian brain morphology and body size relationships to test hypotheses as to how the evolution of brain mass and neuronal density are related to diet among diverse avian taxonomic lineages.
Using MAXENT to model the predicted distribution of suitable areas for the invasive insect, spotted lanternfly.
This is a teaching module to help students learn about and use occupancy models. In this exercise, we fit and assess occupancy models for wood thrushes in New Hampshire using open source eBird data and remotely-sensed land cover data from NASA's MODIS Terra satellite.
Experiment to test efficacy of sampling throughfall (rain within the forest) to capture eDNA and measure microbial diversity.
Analysis in R to explore urban heat island effects at FRAME sites in DE and PA.
Sunflower conjecture
Working towards simplification of the sunflower conjecture of Erdos and Rado (1960).
Fall Armyworm Detector
A machine learning-based model to automate the detection of the Fall Armyworm