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Data Science Job Salaries EDA
This article is about data exploratory analysis of a job salaries dataset. The process will be visualising each column of the dataset and try to explore deeper some of data columns to see if there is any correlation between them. The dataset was retrieved from Kaggle website (
Market Basket Analysis
Analisa market basket dengan menggunakan algoritma apriori pada daftar penjualan suatu perusahaan retail
Avengers Endgame Tweet Wordcloud
Hello everyone! This time I am going to do exercise with text. This is a simple and fun task to do. I would like to create a wordcloud from tweets on twitter about the last series of Avengers film which is Avenger Endgame. The objective is to find out the most word tweeted by people related to the film. This tweet data is obtained from
US Dollar to Euro Rate Forecast for 2020
At this page, I am trying to predict the rate of US Dollar for Euro in entire 2020. I am using foreign exchange dataset from 2010-2019. The models which I used are SMA, ETS, Holt Winters, and ARIMA. In order to replace missing values, kalman method of NA replacement is used on the process.This data was retrieved from :
Turkish Share Ride - Automated Multiple Time Series Model Forecasting
At this page, I am trying to create multiple time-series model for three different objects using purrr package. This process involving tibble nesting and several functions building. All models for three objects are built automatically.
Learning By Building - Bank Telemarketing Customer Prediction Using Naive Bayes and Decision Tree
At this page, I want to share about bank marketing in Portugal. I want to predict whether a customer would buy the product or not after receiving a call from the officer. I am going to use classification methods, which are naive bayes and decision tree algorithm. At the end, I will compare which methods produce the best results. This data was retrieved from
Steps to Create Chatbot Using Telegram API
Learning By Building Classification1 - Titanic Prediction Using Logistic Regression and KNN
This is one of the most common machine learning datasets, which is titanic. I am trying to build machine learning models with logistic regression and also knn method to predict survivors
Learning By Building (LBB) Linear Regression Model Machine Learning
In this document, I am trying to predict house price with some number of predictors using simple linear regression. I created three models and compared it to find the best model.
LBB - Interactive Plotting
This is data of Organic and Conventional Avocadoes by Hass Avocado Board between 2015-2018.