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Andrulis GEOG 588 Final Project
The 2023 study of 34,213 crime incidents in Washington, DC revealed that H3 hexagons provide an unbiased view of crime, found a 57%/43% day/night crime split, and grouped crimes by type and time, aiding in effective resource allocation for crime prevention.
DC H3 Hexagons
DC H3 Hexagons
Andrulis GEOG588 Lab5
Andrulis GEOG588 Week4 Part B
This leaflet based map shows the 2045 estimated population of Washington, DC compared to the public ally available bike racks in the city. The polygons are census tracts and the darker red the tract is, the greater predicted population increase that tract is estimating to increase by. On top of this data are the bike racks. The comparison shows some unique characteristics between the clusterings of bike stands and perdicted population growth.
Andrulis GEOG588 Week4
Mapping spatial data using ggplot and leaflet.
Andrulis GEOG588 Week3
A quick R analysis of the sex offender registry for Washington, DC.