Anika Tasnim

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Different types of Barplot
Reproductive stage data analysis of Oryza Sativa
We conducted a pairing experiment between salt tolerant wild rice and commercial salt sensitive rice variety. The Yield parameter from pair and unpaired condition of reproductive stage was measured and analyzed using Rstudio.
Analysis of differentially expressed transcription factor responsible for salt tolerant oryza sativa in seedling stage
Nearly 1 million ha of coastal soil in Bangladesh or nearly a ninth of the total cultivable area is affected by soil salinity, mostly due to sea-water intrusion. The inhibitory levels of salinity for rice cultivation (>4 dS/m) are seasonal, except in certain pockets of the South West. During the dry season water levels are usually low due to upper riparian withdrawal as well as its overexploitation, causing a build-up of salts. so it is important to molecular analysis for adapting salinity stress of rice using landrace variety. My aim was to identify TF genes involved in response to salinity stress in the leaf and root tissues resulting in tolerance versus sensitive response. We identified significant differential salinity stress responses associated with sensitive and tolerant genotypes .