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Covid-19 India Second Wave: Tweets with hashtags-Plasma Vs Oxygen Shortage
Covid-19 India Second Wave: India during second wave of covid19 is in dire need of covid resources , out of which oxygen shortage and plasma were most needed resources including life saving injections after and oxygen demand was an issue of concern. This graph tries to interpret the same by number of tweets posted on above mention hashtags in title
India Covid19 : One Histogram Told 3 Important Stories
A histogram visualization tells Interesting Stories !. In case of India above histogram pf Covid 19 New cases tells three main stories about India's Progression to fight Corona. 1. There is a huge gap between India's mean and median of daily new cases, which reflects that there are outlier which pulled the mean far away. There may be two reasons for this. a) State of Maharashtra and Gujarat which accounts for 80% of Infection cases. b) Tabligi Jammat Explode in number of cases. 2. Indian Covid19 Histogram is positively skewed means there are less frequency of higher daily cases which is very good sign in India fight to Corona and Containment of Pandemic.
Still Birth in India : A Review of the Data in R
Still Birth data of India from 2010 to 2013. Still birth is one of the important indicator of quality of public health services in any country. Here we will look on some data on Still Birth in India. Data Source -
Plot- SBI stock movement India amidst Corona outbreak
Distribution of price movement of SBI stock movement India amidst Corona outbreak.