Aaron Robotham

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ProMo: Let's do the Space Warp Again!
Some image stacking examples with Rwcs_stack. Resultant stacked object is a ProMo.
Arrow Datasets
Here we look at using the Apache Arrow Dataset database system to operate on Medium Data (small enough to fit on your RAID, too big form RAM). We look at using CSV and Parquet backends.
ProFuse: MF2F Setup
Examples of 1/1.5/2/3 component fitting with ProFuse. This should be enough to get people going with different observations.
ProSpect: Simple Fitting Example
A simple example of how to generate and fit an SED. If you have observed data then it should be clear how to just execute the fitting part.
ProFuse: Simple Fit
A simple Bulge-Disk fit using ProFuse. This is as presented in the associated paper.
ProFit: Multi Image Mode
Examples of how to run ProFit on multi images, be they offset images with the same filter, or multi band. The final example shows it working in a highly automated mode, extracting PSFs and fitting a smooth model across bands without sharp discontinuities.
ProFit: Offset Images
Here we look at how to simultaneously fit multiple images of the same object. Each one can have a different PSF and segmentation map etc. This is a better route to multi-exposure fitting than just stacking.
ProFit: Found 2 Fit
Almost fully automated fitting. This is useful for beginners finding their feet, and particularly easy cases.
ProFound MultiBand Stack
Example of complex multi-band stacking including dynamic masking.
ProSpect: Filter Transforms
Example of calculating a filter transform using ProSpect. In this case we use Sloan r and i to predict VST r.
ProFound: Tips and Tricks
A good starting document for the new user of ProFound.
ProSpect: Extra Galactic Background Light
Here we use ProSpect to generate the EBL with a model for the SFH and ZH.
Prior Knowledge
A short journey into the use and impact of priors on LML and Bayes Factors.
ProFound - Colour Me Happy
A short vignette showing how to do forced, or semi-forced (encouraged?) colour photometry.
ProSpect - BC03 vs EMILES
Comparison of BC03 and EMILES SSPs
ProSpect - BC03 Checks
Some sanity checks of the BC03 library.
ProSpect - Introduction
A short guide and basic introduction for beginners to ProSpect. This is likely to evolve with time.
ProFit - PSF Convolution Can Be Convoluted
PSF musings by Dan Taranu
ProFound/ProFit - A Complex Fit
Here we look at fitting a region of overlapping sources, using ProFit to improve our initial photometry from ProFound.
ProFit/ProFound - The Full Monty
A complex example combining the outputs of ProFound with the inputs of ProFit.
ProFound - Segim Maps
ProFound segmentation maps dissected in detail.
ProFound - Stacking Images
A simulated example of stacking images using ProFound.
ProFound - Source Finding
Main overview of the ProFound source finding package.
ProFound - Sky Shenanigans
Examples and tests of the ProFound sky estimation routines.
ProFound - Simulated Images
Testing ProFound on simulated images.
ProFit/ProFound - Using Isophotal Ellipses
A demo of using extracted isophotal ellipses to fit a basic 1D profile, and using these fit parameters to make reasonable estimates for a full 2D ProFit solution.
SAMI Cluster Demo
This is a demo of using ProFit in a fully automatic mode for processing VST data in the SAMI clusters.
ProFit - GitHub README & Installation Instructions
Basic overview of the package that accompanies the GitHub version of the code. This covers basic installation issues that you might have.
ProFit - PSF Fitting
In this vignette we fit a model Moffat profile fit to an empirical PSF. We then use this model PSF for our image convolution when fitting a galaxy, rather than the empirical estimate that comes packaged with ProFit.
ProFit - Make Model Image
This vignette concentrates on the model image generation capabilities of ProFit, ending with examples of producing images with dozens of galaxies distributed around a large frame.
ProFit - Galaxy Fitting Example
This vignette lets the user try a sophisticated decomposition of 10 example galaxies that have both SDSS and KiDS data. These examples were presented in the original ProFit MNRAS 2017 paper.
ProFit - OpenCL and OpenMP
Some info on speeding things up by making use of OpenCL and OpenMP support.
ProFit - Sigma Maps
A detailed vignette on what we mean by, and how to construct, sigma maps.