Aaron Robotham

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ProFuse: MF2F Setup
Examples of 1/1.5/2/3 component fitting with ProFuse. This should be enough to get people going with different observations.
ProSpect: Simple Fitting Example
A simple example of how to generate and fit an SED. If you have observed data then it should be clear how to just execute the fitting part.
ProFuse: Simple Fit
A simple Bulge-Disk fit using ProFuse. This is as presented in the associated paper.
ProFit: Multi Image Mode
Examples of how to run ProFit on multi images, be they offset images with the same filter, or multi band. The final example shows it working in a highly automated mode, extracting PSFs and fitting a smooth model across bands without sharp discontinuities.
ProFit: Offset Images
Here we look at how to simultaneously fit multiple images of the same object. Each one can have a different PSF and segmentation map etc. This is a better route to multi-exposure fitting than just stacking.
ProFit: Found 2 Fit
Almost fully automated fitting. This is useful for beginners finding their feet, and particularly easy cases.
ProFound MultiBand Stack
Example of complex multi-band stacking including dynamic masking.
ProSpect: Filter Transforms
Example of calculating a filter transform using ProSpect. In this case we use Sloan r and i to predict VST r.
ProFound: Tips and Tricks
A good starting document for the new user of ProFound.
ProSpect: Extra Galactic Background Light
Here we use ProSpect to generate the EBL with a model for the SFH and ZH.
Prior Knowledge
A short journey into the use and impact of priors on LML and Bayes Factors.
ProFound - Colour Me Happy
A short vignette showing how to do forced, or semi-forced (encouraged?) colour photometry.
ProSpect - BC03 vs EMILES
Comparison of BC03 and EMILES SSPs
ProSpect - BC03 Checks
Some sanity checks of the BC03 library.
ProSpect - Introduction
A short guide and basic introduction for beginners to ProSpect. This is likely to evolve with time.
ProFit - PSF Convolution Can Be Convoluted
PSF musings by Dan Taranu
ProFound/ProFit - A Complex Fit
Here we look at fitting a region of overlapping sources, using ProFit to improve our initial photometry from ProFound.
ProFit/ProFound - The Full Monty
A complex example combining the outputs of ProFound with the inputs of ProFit.
ProFound - Segim Maps
ProFound segmentation maps dissected in detail.
ProFound - Stacking Images
A simulated example of stacking images using ProFound.
ProFound - Source Finding
Main overview of the ProFound source finding package.
ProFound - Sky Shenanigans
Examples and tests of the ProFound sky estimation routines.
ProFound - Simulated Images
Testing ProFound on simulated images.
ProFit/ProFound - Using Isophotal Ellipses
A demo of using extracted isophotal ellipses to fit a basic 1D profile, and using these fit parameters to make reasonable estimates for a full 2D ProFit solution.
SAMI Cluster Demo
This is a demo of using ProFit in a fully automatic mode for processing VST data in the SAMI clusters.
ProFit - GitHub README & Installation Instructions
Basic overview of the package that accompanies the GitHub version of the code. This covers basic installation issues that you might have.
ProFit - PSF Fitting
In this vignette we fit a model Moffat profile fit to an empirical PSF. We then use this model PSF for our image convolution when fitting a galaxy, rather than the empirical estimate that comes packaged with ProFit.
ProFit - Make Model Image
This vignette concentrates on the model image generation capabilities of ProFit, ending with examples of producing images with dozens of galaxies distributed around a large frame.
ProFit - Galaxy Fitting Example
This vignette lets the user try a sophisticated decomposition of 10 example galaxies that have both SDSS and KiDS data. These examples were presented in the original ProFit MNRAS 2017 paper.
ProFit - OpenCL and OpenMP
Some info on speeding things up by making use of OpenCL and OpenMP support.
ProFit - Sigma Maps
A detailed vignette on what we mean by, and how to construct, sigma maps.