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Data Café (27/04/2022)
A discussion of Dijkstra, N., Kok, P., & Fleming, S. M. (2022). Imagery adds stimulus-specific sensory evidence to perceptual detection. Journal of Vision, 22(2), 11. [](
Lab meeting: October 2019
Introduction to Bayesian statistics
Swiss Graduate School for Cognition, Learning, and Memory workshop April 26, 2019
Course for Grad School: Software & Reading List
Course for Grad School: Using Bayesian Statistics
Beyond significant
Beyond significant
IRC Retreat, February 4, 2019
Beyond significant
Bayes factor
tapply() tutorial
for CDS and lagged Google search volume index
Particle Filter
An example of a simple ‘bootstrap’ particle filter in R. Also known as sequential Monte Carlo with multinomial importance resampling (SIR).
Posterior predictive plot
Linear regression with Jags
Simulating a coin flip in R
A gentle introduction to Bayesian statistics
Inferring a binomial rate using jags