Bart Buelens

Recently Published

The 2015 Quadrantids in Belgium
Analysis of radio meteor detections on 3-4 January 2015 at the time of the Quadrantids meteor shower.
Optimal threshold selection for meteor detections
A sensitivity analysis of meteor detections in radio observations leading to an optimal threshold value.
Detecting meteors in BRAMS data using R
Meteor detection method for radio observations of meteors by the Belgian RAdio Meteor Stations (BRAMS) network.
SDSS DR12 Fetching data using R
Fetch data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Data Release 12, using SQL from within R.
CosmoPhotoz Trial Run (v.1.0)
Exploring the functionality of the recently released R package CosmoPhotoz.
VIPERS data exploration (v.1.0)
Galaxy redshift data from VIPERS are explored, visualized and analyzed.