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Sentiment Analysis 1
Tule Subbasin Wells
Wells in Kaweah SGMA Basin
Random Walk step 1000 (reevaluate at boundary)
Random Walk step 1000 (reevaluate at boundary)
Random Walk step 100 (reevaluate at boundary)
Random Walk step 10 (reevaluate at boundary)
Random Walk step 1 (reevaluate at boundary)
Random Walk Spherical Boundary 1000 steps, 1000*pi particles
Unit sphere rw with step size = 0.1, all points start at origin
Random Walk in Unit Cube with Boundary Re-evaluation condition
1000 Step Random Walk with 1000 particles in a unit cube, particles reevaluate if they run into a boundary. Particles are colored by distance from the center of the cube. Step size is +/- 0.1 in all component directions.