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Meta-meta-analysis of the 2016 election polls.
The fivethirtyeight and upshot election models can be used to predict their own future results. Isn't this a problem?
Assessing the quality of new year assignments in the Hathi Bookworm
Syuzhet smoothing
Why fourier transforms are wrong
Some notes on randomly replicating plot arcs.
More SSA data
Social Security Numbers
What names are over-represented in terms of Social Security & the census
Olden Names
Code to create the dataset used to supplement the R gender package with IPUMS data.
Who died in the Civil War?
A failed set of questions
Sorting Exercise Scores!
How long are Princeton Dissertations?
Some scratch work I did a few months ago
Recentering maps for ggplot2
Just a function
Some errors I can make in Topic Modeling
Some diagnostics and charts for a post on
Whaling Crewlists Draft
Maury code
Rough draft of code to classify and visualize whaling voyages from ship's logs.
Topic Modeling Ships
Demonstration code for blog post on
The Wide World of Physics
Code visualizing geographic aspects of