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Exploring Ecological Footprint and BioCapacity
Data taken from here:
HR Analytics With Decision Trees
An example of how to use a machine learning method, Decision Trees in HR Analytics. In order to get some possible reason/s why employees are leaving.
Data on Fishing Vessels Landing in UK from 2008-2015
Exploratory data analysis on Fishing Vessels Landing in UK from 2008-2015
List of All Ships Scrapped Worldwide in 2016
The Shipbreaking Platform is a coalition of environmental, human and labour rights organisations first created in September 2005. That year, it was realised by some of the few NGOs working on the shipbreaking issue that a broader base of support both geographically and in orientation was needed to challenge the arguments from a powerful shipping industry not used to being held accountable for its substandard practices. - Taken from
Running Simple Linear Regression
From both HDI and Happiness Report 2015 datasets. I tried to match some variables that I chose and run simple linear regression models.