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The Crimes In Chicago
Exploratory Data Analysis with Time Series Plots using high charter package in R
UFO Sightings Map Esri.NatGeoWorldMap
Leaflet Esri.NatGeoWorldMap option
UFO Sightings Map CartoDB
Leaflet CartoDB.Positron option
PH Dengvaxia Vaccine Scam
News Articles From Different sources during the time of scandal.
Exploring Ecological Footprint and BioCapacity
Data taken from here:
HR Analytics With Decision Trees
An example of how to use a machine learning method, Decision Trees in HR Analytics. In order to get some possible reason/s why employees are leaving.
Data on Fishing Vessels Landing in UK from 2008-2015
Exploratory data analysis on Fishing Vessels Landing in UK from 2008-2015
List of All Ships Scrapped Worldwide in 2016
The Shipbreaking Platform is a coalition of environmental, human and labour rights organisations first created in September 2005. That year, it was realised by some of the few NGOs working on the shipbreaking issue that a broader base of support both geographically and in orientation was needed to challenge the arguments from a powerful shipping industry not used to being held accountable for its substandard practices. - Taken from
Running Simple Linear Regression
From both HDI and Happiness Report 2015 datasets. I tried to match some variables that I chose and run simple linear regression models.