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Statistical Sampling Methods
Optimization and Simulation of Random Variables with R
Demo of Rmd Publishing
Predict Adjustments for Tax Returns
We trained classification and regression models to predict if someone will receive an adjustment on their tax return, and if they do, how much the adjustment will be. The first part of this report explores the distribution of variables within the data through simple visualization techniques and later on we get into the predictive models.
Stream Mining
We describe what stream mining is and how it is different from traditional data mining with static data sets. We also perform some experiments on simulated streams of data with clustering algorithms. A method for streaming real time financial data is also presented.
Drug Shortages Analysis
Drug Shortages Analysis
By using the data available on Drug Shortages Canada and Drug Product Database (DPD), identify the percentage of drugs that had an actual drug shortage reported to Health Canada but did not have a prior report of an anticipated or actual shortage within a 12-month period for the same drug. Restrict your collection of data to the period June 2019 to June 2021. For those drugs found in a), what was the average age on the market?se the most recent marketing date found in the