Andrea Cantieni

Recently Published

Latent Interactions in Structural Equation Models
Comparison of three aproches of latent interactions in structural equation models,
Binomial Theorem
Practical application of the Binomial Theorem in Computer Science
one-liner for dummy coding
simple and easy dummy coding in R (with NAs)
CFA with a single factor
Fit values for a CFA with a single factor can only be computed with models with more than 3 observed variables.
Find t for a Bezier Curve
Find t of intersection point of circle with radius r with the Bezier curve.
A Simple Method of Sample Size Calculation for Logistic Regression
We consider the case where we want to calculate the sample size for a multiple logistic regression with continous response variable and with continous covariates.
(One-Way) ANOVA is Linear Regression
Demonstration of how a one-way ANOVA is in fact a linear regression model.