Cassandra Bayer

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Clothing and Marketing Analysis
This project takes a look at a retailer sales and targeted marketing strategies over the course of two years.
Rideshare Investigation
An investigation of client logins to a rideshare app over time.
Mattress Sales
A descriptive analysis of mattress sales form August 2016 to January 2017.
Probability of Re-Arrest
Creates a predictive model to identify the likelihood of a defendant to get arrested prior to their deposition date.
The output and analysis of US Census data from 1994-1995. This work creates models to classify whether respondents make more or less than $50,000
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Not Such a Fair Market
Annually, HUD sets Fair Market Rents (FMRs), or a price that dictates the amount of Housing Choice Voucher rental subsidies. However, the FMRs are a low-ball estimate of actual rental prices. The listing marked in green show Craigslist listings that would qualify for Voucher recipients. Markers in yellow and orange are listings that fall into the actual median rental price from Craigslist data. Listings in red are above median listings. Notice how few the green markers are; this shows the dearth of housing available in San Francisco for Housing Choice Voucher recipients.