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ANOVA and the linear model (2)
Contrasts and multiple comparisons in ANOVA
Mixed-effects models
Analysis of correlated data (repeated-measures ANOVA and mixed-effects model)
ANOVA and the linear model
Drawing some connection between ANOVA, regression, and the linear model
Lab 4 : Answers to exercices
Solution to Application 1
Lab 4 : Regression analysis with R
Fitting and diagnosing simple linear regression model in R
Lab 3 : Answers to exercices
Solution to Application 1
Regression models
Fitting simple regression model in R
Solutions to training exercises
Lab 3 : Analysis of variance with R
Basic analysis of variance with two fixed-effect factors in R
Statistical models in R
Statistical modeling in R using the formula interface, with a focus on one-way and two-way ANOVA
Training exercises related to the use of R and data analysis
Lab 2 : Data munging and basic statistical tests with R
Data manipulation, summary statistics, visual displays, and Student's t-test
Lab 1 : Answers to exercices
Solutions to Applications 1 and 2
Data analysis and statistical inference
Descriptive statistics, exploratory data analysis, statistical inference, and two-groups comparisons
Lab 1: Getting started with R
Tutorial on R programming for data management
Working with data
Data collection and data management
Workshop Overview