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Draft: scientific debt
Year over year growth in traffic to programming languages/platforms
Similar to this post, but with "julia-lang" added:
Estimation of the mean generating many samples
Response to a tweet
tidytext notes from Denver R User Group
Live code from the 2017-02-20 Denver R User Group meetup
Mislabeling error
Some simulation of logistic regression with a known rate of mislabeled outcomes. How can the bias be reduced
Film dialogue by year
Trump Stack Overflow analysis
Some quick notes leading to some of my tweets. Not reproducible from outside of Stack Overflow
Analyzing Trump speeches with tidytext
Analyzing Trump speeches with tidytext
Election results by county
Some processing of election results to add population and area
Cross validation with modelr
Cross validation with linear modeling and ISLR stock market data
Analysis of Beck lyrics
Analysis of 12 songs
CrowdFlower Airline Sentiment Tweets
Analysis of CrowdFlower Airline tweet sentiment data
Drawing a multi-panel spaghetti plot in R
Drawing a multi-panel spaghetti plot in R
CRAN Package correlations
Network of packages that tend to be SUGGESTS/IMPORTS/DEPENDS on together
Short analysis of #7FavPackages hashtag, still in progress
Portland PDXR
This is an adaptation of the code I used to demonstrate broom in the Portland PDXR meetup.
Sentiment analysis of the 'fortunes' package
Sentiment analysis of quotes about R in the fotunes package using the tidytext package.
Exploring Careers Data
Example of re-tidying
Tidying an untidyable dataset
Tidying an untidyable dataset from the Enron corpus
Pride and Prejudice and Donald Trump
Using sentiment analysis with Pride and Prejudice to annotate it with emotions, Trump-style. Great!
broom example
Donald Trump Tweet "Sentiment"
How does Donald Trump end tweets? Interesting!
gganimate Valentine
#rstats valentine made with gganimate
Animation of chess moves across first 40 white turns in FIDE World Cup 2015
Based on Joshua Kunst's post here:
Kaplan Meier
Intro to R with College data
Airplane Seating
Coin Flipping with Stopping
length(unique(x)) vs n_distinct(x)
A speed comparison building on Stephen Turner's.
Anscombe’s Quartet with Tidy Tools
This plots Anscombe’s quartet using the tidy tools of dplyr, tidyr and ggplot2.
Effect of compression type and file complexity on saveRDS size and speed
UN Votes
Voting blocs in the UN
Diamonds cut vs clarity boxplot
Using tidyr and dplyr to compare values across multiple variables
Demonstration and application of subSeq software (
Data Analysis and Visualization Using R: Lesson 3
Covers basic statistical analysis, and using data.table on a practical example.
Data Analysis and Visualization Using R: Lesson 2
Slides for Lesson 2 of the Wintersession 2014 Princeton course, on using ggplot2 for data visualization (including scatterplots, histograms, boxplots, and violin plots). Also covers writing functions in R and the list data type.
Data Analysis and Visualization Using R: Lesson 1
Slides for Lesson 1 of the Wintersession 2014 Princeton course, on variables and data structures in R.