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Ejemplo de Reducción de Dimensionalidad con la Base de Datos Iris
Muestra un ejemplo práctico de reducción de dimensionalidad con PCA y LDA utilizando la base de datos Iris, popularizada por un artículo de Fisher.
A brief analysis of data collected by activity monitoring devices
It is now possible to collect a large amount of data about personal movement using activity monitoring devices such as a Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, or Jawbone Up. These types of devices are part of the “quantified self” movement – a group of enthusiasts who take measurements about themselves regularly to improve their health, to find patterns in their behavior, or because they are tech geeks. But these data remain under-utilized both because the raw data are hard to obtain and there is a lack of statistical methods and software for processing and interpreting the data. This assignment makes use of data from a personal activity monitoring device.
Analysis of impacts on the economy and population health of severe weather events in the U.S.
This report explores the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) storm database. This database tracks the occurrence of storms and other significant weather phenomena having sufficient intensity to cause loss of life, injuries, significant property damage, and/or disruption to commerce. The data analysis addressed the following questions: Across the United States, which types of events (as indicated in the EVTYPE variable) are most harmful with respect to population health? Across the United States, which types of events have the greatest economic consequences?