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Testing out a way to attach files to an Rmd -> HTML file published as a single file.
Using Google
A demo of shared data entry
Kenyon College
Some instructions on using markdown
From the ECOTS workshop. Logistics of teaching with R.
For the ECOTS workshop
R in the Classroom - Day II
Notes for today's class
R in the Classroom - I
Slides from the Sunday session
Attitudes Toward Independence
Counting Model Vectors
Used-Car Prices
Graphics as a Computation
USCOTS plenary draft
Notes Thursday's Session
Class Notes Example (1/9)
Friday May 3, 2013: Stats 155
Concept Study Guide
Your Survey Report
Friday 26 April
Processing Survey Data
Monday 22 April 2013
Deer Crossing Danger
Wednesday April 3 Class Notes
Monday April 1 Class Notes
Friday March 29 Class Notes
March 6, 2013 Class Notes
March 6, 2013 Class Notes
March 4, 2013 Class Notes
The Math 155 Term Project
March 1, 2013 Class Notes
February 25, 2013 Class Notes
February 22, 2013 Class Notes
Syllabus for Data and Computing Fundamentals
Spring 2013
February 20, 2013 Class Notes
Titl e
Basic Syntax in R
Syntax for the DCF course
DCF Week 1 Out-of-class
Day 1 Notes
February 18, 2013 Class Notes
My Markdown Document
My First R Markdown Document
My First RMarkdown Document
February 13 Class Notes
February 13 Class Notes
In-Class Notes: 2012-09-19
February 8, 2013 Class Notes
February 6, 2013 Class Notes
February 4, 2013 Class Notes
February 1, 2013
Setting up an RStudio Account
January 30, 2013
January 28, 2013
Anticipating the Online Future
Notes for the Macalester College Faculty Meeting discussion of the Online Future, Dec. 11, 2012
Car Prices Revisited
Feedback on Initial Design of Island Project
From Fall 2012
Stats 155 Class Notes 2012-09-26
Stats 155 Class Notes 2012-10-15
Stats 155 Class Notes 2012-10-10
Stats 155 Class Notes 2012-10-12
Stats 155 Class Notes 2012-10-08
Stats 155 Class Notes 2012-10-05
Stats 155 Class Notes 2012-10-03
Stats 155 Class Notes 2012-09-28
Stats 155 Class Notes 2012-10-01
Guide to Estimation Write-Ups
Stats 155 Class Notes 2012-09-24
Stats 155 Class Notes 2012-09-21
In-Class Notes: 2012-09-19
In-Class Notes: 2012-09-17
Class Notes Sept. 10, 2012
2012-09-12 Class Notes
2012-09-12 Class Notes
Statistial Modeling Notes: Day 2
Bias in promotion?
A demonstration of markdown/knitr
Reading Reflections for Epidemiology
Reading reflection questions for Math 125 Epidemiology
A Class for Parents
Notes for an orientation-day session for parents of new students at Macalester.
Starting with RStudio at Macalester
Instructions for logging in to the Macalester RStudio server.
Math 155: Introduction to Statistical Modeling
Syllabus for Fall 2012
Teaching Statistical Modeling with the <code>mosaic</code> Package
An orientation to the mosaic package for instructors.
Math 125: Epidemiology, Fall 2012
Schedule for Math 125, Epidemiology, at Macalester College
Modeling Definitions
Definitions of modeling at the PREP-2012 conference.
Ballistics and Quadratics
Should a falling ball follow a quadratic? How important is air resistance in a model of ballistics?
Modeling and Mathematics
Points for a discussion of the differences between modeling and mathematics.
A Fitting Problem
Use fitting to introduce questions of model choice and evaluation, and how the choice of a model depends on the purpose for which it is to be used.
Calculus-Related Modeling Concept Inventory Settings
A working draft of calculus concept inventory questions, still in the open-ended questions phase.
Rowing with Calculus
Adding some realism to the cross-the-river problem.
Introducing Functions of Multiple Variables
Some strategies for introducing functions of multiple variables.
Dog Calculus is Really Economics
How can a dog do calculus?
Optimization in One-Variable
Notes about optimization in one variable
PREP 2012 Pre-Workshop Survey
Results from a pre-workshop survey given to participants in the PREP 2012 workshop on modeling in calculus.
Traffic light capacity model
Instructions for a modeling problem that introduces integration.
Optimization on functions constructed from data.
QALY Problem 2
Turning constrained optimization into unconstrained optimization by elimination of a variable.
QALY Problem 1
A three-variable constrained optimization problem done using concepts from calculus of one variable.
Constrained Optimization Intro
Notes on constraints and objective functions
Graphical Multivariate Optimization Examples
Some constrained optimization problems done graphically
Algebra and Differential Equations
Some examples of how an algebraic approach to differential equations is problematic.
Lagrange Multipliers
Two different textbook explanations of Lagrange Multipliers, one algebraic and algorithmic, the other graphical.
Related Rates
An approach to related rates problems based on contour plots.
An Optimization Problem
An example of an optimization problem that conflicts with good modeling ideas.
The Snowy Tree Cricket
An example to illustrate the why one should ask, "What's a model for?"
Walking, Energy, and Interpolating Functions
An exercise based on biomechanical data on the energy stored by the arch of the foot when walking.
Fitting Hill Functions
Revisiting problems from Smith & Minton about Hill functions
Measuring Flow (of Orange Juice)
A short project introducing splines, monotonicity, continuity and differentiability, and derivatives.
Modeling with Series
Modeling with Limits
Optimization in One Variable
Notes on differentiation in a modeling-based calculus course #PREP2012
Approximation with Polynomials
Functions Functions for Modeling
Notes on teaching about functions in a modeling-based calculus course. #PREP2012
How much should the mortgage be
Linear Models of Relationships
Some examples of uses of straight line functions to model relationships and the limitations of doing so.
Is Cooling Exponential?
Fitting exponential models to the temperature of cooling coffee. (Data collected by Stan Wagon.)
Mortgage differential equation
Finding the monthly payment by integrating a differential equation representing a mortgage payment.
Cobb-Douglas Production Function
An introduction to the Cobb-Douglas production function illustrating some features of the functional form.
Modeling Tides
A modeling example involving fitting sine waves to tide data to find the tidal period.