Bin He

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2021-03-19 reanalyze Jia and Lindsey's flow cytometry data from 20210310
Jia and Lindsey have transformed a subset of the Pho4 chimera into two backgrounds, both containing the PHO5pr-mCherry reporter, but one in the exogenous ura3 locus with the endogenous PHO5 gene intact, and the other in the endogenous locus replacing the PHO5 CDS
20201215 Pho4-GFP integration with PHO5pr-mCherry test
Testing three methods of integrating Pho4-GFP constructs into yeast and testing their functionality with the PHO5 reporter
BLAST search to identify homologs for XP_028889033
Use blast against different databases to identify and curate putative homologs for the _C. auris_ gene XP_028889033
Learning how to cluster gene expression data
partly based on an excellent blog post here: