Bin He

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analyses of expanded blast results for the adhesin project, in response to reviewers' comments
OSR gene induction under phosphate starvation
Determine the level of induction for genes involved in oxidative stress response in _S. cerevisiae_ under phosphate starvation, in both _S. cerevisiae_ and _C. glabrata_.
2022-04-01 Pho4 chimera flow analysis QC
quality control and example plots for the data generated in the new host background, collected by Emily O'Brien in 2022.03
use Lindsey and Jia's 20210402 autosampler data to learn how to analyze (gate and export) flow data using R, with the flowCore, flowClust, flowStats, flowWorkspace and openCyto packages.
2021-03-19 reanalyze Jia and Lindsey's flow cytometry data from 20210310
Jia and Lindsey have transformed a subset of the Pho4 chimera into two backgrounds, both containing the PHO5pr-mCherry reporter, but one in the exogenous ura3 locus with the endogenous PHO5 gene intact, and the other in the endogenous locus replacing the PHO5 CDS
20201215 Pho4-GFP integration with PHO5pr-mCherry test
Testing three methods of integrating Pho4-GFP constructs into yeast and testing their functionality with the PHO5 reporter
BLAST search to identify homologs for XP_028889033
Use blast against different databases to identify and curate putative homologs for the _C. auris_ gene XP_028889033
Learning how to cluster gene expression data
partly based on an excellent blog post here: