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The Bible vs Science
This article mainly examines the evidence against creation according to Genesis in the Bible. It summons a lot of evidence for the theory of evolution but also draws on our scientific understanding of the age of the earth through geology as well as cosmology to paint a picture about the billions of years the earth and universe have existed.
The Bible vs History
A collection of articles showing how archaeology and history contradict many of the stories in the Bible.
Steven Morello’s Spotify Playlists
Various playlists including jazz-fusion, bass oriented music, jazz, funk, world music, acoustic guitar, rock, chill, massage & meditation, electronic and dance music
Feminist Websites
This page contains websites and rss feeds for feminists and women interested in all topics related to feminism. The categories include: Feminist Websites with RSS Feeds UK’s Top Five Feminist Websites Feminist Blogs Podcasts for Women Academic Feminist Journals
Analysis of Health and Economic Impact of Weather Events in the US
In this report we explore a) which types of events are most harmful with respect to population health and b) which types of events have the greatest economic consequences?