Barry Rowlingson

Recently Published

Comparison of Method Behaviour of S3, S4, and Reference Classes
A quick comparison of what happens when you change the code of methods for the three main object-oriented systems in R
Rotating Spatial Data
A short example on how to rotate spatial data using oblique mercator projections
A Sentiment Analysis of NHS Tweets
By taking tweets tagged with #NHS it is possible to do some analysis of sentiment related the the UK's National Health Service.
Writing Paletted Rasters
This document shows how to create raster files with a colour map embedded in them - using a combination of R with the raster package and Python with the gdal libraries
shiny and rpanel - a quick comparison
I like shiny, and I like rpanel. But which is best? There's only one way to find out - FIIIIIIIGHT!!!
Using devtools for Lazy People
You'll never need to source your code or cut and paste from a file ever again! devtools is all you need!
Alpha Shapes to Polygons
Simplifying a complex polygon with alpha shapes. With apologies to Slartibartfast
Running Up That Hill
A study of rivers and elevations.
Line to Graph to Route
Creating a network from a set of lines, and then doing shortest-path routing on that network. It's all here.