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R Script to process CER monthly data
Use R Studio to publish R script that processes CER monthly data. Refactored from previous version that ran as RMarkdown document. Problem with code chunks in RMarkdown is that source code debugging isn't available. So when problem arises say with a format change in CER data - takes too long to debug. Took opportunity to include a lot of testing data. Need to figure out how to hide the code in complied report
Zone Substation - reverse power flows
A utility R script to get basic stats about a Zone Substation 30 min Load Data. Plots simple graph showing cumulative reverse power flow over every data of the reporting year (MWh)
Estimate of Renewable Energy %age in Noosa LGA to end 2026
PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THESE NUMBERS ! ===================== Experimental estimate of actual and projected renewable electricity for all Noosa localities to end 2026. A number of assumptions need to be confirmed and additions made to the model to account for the historical and forecast RE% in Queensland for non-rooftop PV generation - so we don't double count, bearing in mind that much of the grid consumption in Noosa is when solar PV is not generating in non-daylight hours.
Noosa Electricity Generation & Consumption
Work-in-progress Dashboard to show progress with solar PV, solar water heaters, batteries, and electricity consumption and solar export for the Noosa Local Government Area and the postcodes of Noosa
Community Battery Feasibility
Very much a work-in-progress Will be used to support budgetary submission to Noosa CCRP CRG
Process Monthly CER data
Script /RMarkdown to process monthly CER data for solar PV - qty & kW, solar water heater qty, and air-sourced heat pump solar water heater qty Work-in-progress - output needs considerable refienment
Energex Zone Subs - Summary & Map
Work in progress Basic summary stats for Energex Zone Substations for period Jul 2020 to Jun 2021 Plus historic data for Noosa LGA Zone Subs. Map of LGAs and Zone Subs included
work in progress
Get Energex Map data from REST services
Energy Queensland consumption & solar export
Zone Substation Analysis - Cooran
preliminary work in progress
Energex Network - Noosa LGA area
This is a rough mapping visualisation of Energex Network in Noosa LGA
Noosa LGA Electricity Data Summary
Zero Emissions Noosa, Inc collates data from authoritative sources to track progress towards the goal of zero community emissions from electricity generation for the Noosa LGA. Sources used include the Clean Energy Regulator, Energy Queensland / Energex, and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). This document is a work-in-progress and attempts to display the most current data available
ZEN data dashboard