Gabriel Loewinger

Recently Published

Photometry FLMM Guide Part V: Interactions -- Probing Learning and Changes over Time
We show how to use FLMM to test how signal–covariate associations change across time.
Photometry FLMM Guide Part 3: Continuous Variables
Using FLMM to analyze associations between the signal and continuous variables akin to a correlation.
Photometry FLMM Guide Part 2: Testing Changes Within-trial
Here we analyze if there are significant changes in mean signal magnitude between two periods of the same trial (baseline vs. cue-period) within a single trial type (CS+ trials).
Photometry FLMM Guide Part 1: Binary Variables
An introduction to analyzing fiber photometry data with FLMM. We start with a single binary covariate akin to the FLMM version of a paired t-test.
fastFMM Vignette
fastFMM: Fast Functional Mixed Models using Fast Univariate Inference (FUI)
Vignette for sMTL R package
Tutorial for how to download and use sMTL, the Sparse Multi-Task Learning R Package.