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DATA607 Final
DATA607 Final
DATA607 Final Gender Study, COVID, Unemployment
DATA605 Final Project
DATA605 Week 14 Post
Taylor Series, Maclaurin Series
DATA 607 Project 4
Document Classification: Fake News, Tidymodels and Textrecipes packages
DATA605 Week 13 Post
Calculus- Applications of the Derivative: Minimization, Maximization
DATA607 TidyVerse Extend
Extension of Joshua Hummell's Dplyr Vignette
DATA605 HW12
Linear and Multiple Regression Analysis in R
DATA605 Week 11 Post
Single variable linear regression, residual analysis, linear model appropriateness
DATA 607 Week 11 Discussion
Recommender Systems, YouTube
DATA607 HW10 republish
Sentiment Analysis, Edgar Allan Poe, Depression republish
DATA605 HW11
Regression Analysis in R
DATA607 HW10
Sentiment Analysis, Edgar Allan Poe, Depression
Web APIs
DATA605 HW10
The Gambler’s Ruin Problem
DATA605 Week 10 Post
DATA607 Project 3
Most Valued Data Science Skills Group Project
DATA605 Week 9 Post
DATA 607 HW7 republish
fixing XML portion of my code from previous upload
DATA607 HW 7
Working with HTML, XML and JSON in R
DATA607 Project 2
UNICEF Education Table
DATA607 Project 2
UNICEF Table 1 Demographics
DATA607 Project 2
UNICEF Nutrition Table
DATA605 Week 7 Post
Chapter 6
DATA 607 HW 5
Tidying and Transforming Data RMySQL tidyr - gather, spread dplyr- mutate, summarise, group_by reactable for publishing quality tables
DATA607 Project 1
Data Analysis data extract using regex
DATA 605 HW4
Linear Transformations & Representations
DATA 607 HW 3
Week 3 Assignment- R Character Manipulation and Date Processing
DATA 607 HW 2
Week 2 Assignment – Recommend Movies SQL & R
DATA 607 HW 1
Loading Data into a Data Frame: Super Bowl Advertisements