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Ejemplo Histogramas
Reticulate R & Python
MeLI 2021
Sequence classification models
data-centric vs data-model approach for sequence classification
EDA vines
Ganado Caprino bis 2020
catboost simple example
ICL Postop EDA
CTU19- LSTM results
CTU19- LSTM results (PCA)
DevCon Challenge 2020
DEVCON Challenge
Yet Another COVID19 Projection (2)
Peng et al 2020 SEIQRDP compartment model projections for several countries.
Yet Another COVID19 Projection
Peng et al. 2020, SEIQRDP compartment model projections for several countries.
COVID19 Forecast for ARGENTINA
The models were fitted with observed data 15 days from today and projected for the next 7 days
ctu13bis dataset
ASAI 2020 results
ASAI 2020 results
MC-DGA analysis
big CNN tuning results
Original NN vs cacic_python NN
WB NN model comparison heatmap
JISA 2018
LCC analysis
DAAC premilinar analysis
camera identification
Spoiler data analysis
Testing Keras for R
I've just followed the instruction from http:/// Everything worked!
WB profile classifier
WB profile classifer
ejercicios Complejidad 2017
ALGO I Trabajo Practico Nro I
wp pricing
clustering trivial example
learning rate by label
HACKATON AM 2017 Clases desbalanceadas
Como lidiar con el problema de clases desbalanceadas usando caret
HACKATON AM 2017 Exploracion Inicial
Una exploracion inicial del conjunto de datos del arbolado publico utilizando herramientas comunes de R.
HACKATON AM 2017 Ejemplo de envio
Un sencillo ejemplo de como generar un archivo para enviar al desafio de Kaggle de la Hackaton 2017 de Aprendizaje de Maquinas FRM - UTN - Mendoza - Argentina
DescripciĆ³n del desafio de Kaggle para la materia Aprendizaje Automatico 2017 de la FRM UTN - Mendoza - Argentina
Arbolado Publico Mendoza
ID3 basic operations
Simple Bag of Word
CTU-13 Labeling
AM2017 L0 (tidyverse)
Laboratorio 0 con algunos toques del tidyverse
WB DGA detection
wb DGA
NN DGA results
Results on 400000 domains (50% DGA, 50% legit)
DGA dataset
Customer Segmentation II
EAAI 2016 Brief v2
Customer Segmentation
Preliminary Client Analysis
Action Plot
rankID action plot
rankID action plot
EAAI 2016 Brief
Fitting Cmorph to Station data
Connection Heatmap
Testing a simple RF model for helping labeling datasets
The idea is using the information provided by labeled data to construct a classifier that gives the probability of being malicious traffic.
EAAI 2016 Report 4
heatmap evaluation
Station vs CMORPH
Evaluation of Jay Jacobs DGA features on Andrew Datasets
MA vs TDMLR on xbow
MA vs TDMLR on gladiator
EAAI 2016 report 2-xbow
EAAI 2016 report 2
Cmorph Wavelet Analisys
Basic Reshaping (II)
Dynamic B
Technical Report 1
Results after evaluation Gladiator IMU using several IMUs as target
AccX sensor vs TD-MLR
Melbourne IMU dataset
Basic Melting
Basic Melting
size-10 patterns distribution plot
size-10 patterns present in at most 50 different connections, ordered from largest to smallest