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Korner Search Problem
From "The Pleasures of Counting"
Our World In Data Coronavirus Plots
Some plots from Our World in Data
ORMS Today Tech Companion
Technical companion to ORMS Today Corona Piece
Migration Flow Sankey
For Sarah Schramm
Coprime Art
3D Graphics Sampler
Equal Size k-means clusters
Storyboard Draft
5MA Weather Draft
Dynamic Renumbering
Time Series in GGPLOT
Norm's R Homework
5 Point Differentiation
Five Point Differentiation for Cara
MTCARS pathology
Here's a quick ditty for John about adding interaction terms.
R Training Companion
Weather for Cara
Harrison / Jerome 9 March
Ethics Chapter
Tufte Example
Notes from 385 Talk
ThreeJS Example
R Lessons for EPD and Others
Next Step Quicklook
Quick data glimpse at the Next Step Program data. Would like to discuss what sorts of questions you would like to ask of this data, and I can do some updaed charts.
R Visualization Update
From NYT article,
Rob's Word Cloud
You know what it is
XKCD plot
Uses xkcdFonts Nerd level 1,000,000,000
5MA Ballot draft
Here's an interactive piece that I did for the next 5MA article
Martingales vs. Shubrick
A little ditty about games and elections.
RMarkdown, Python, FontAwesome
What it says it is