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Kriging made simple
This notebook illustrates kriging interpolation using code written by Barry Boessenkool.
Sentinel-2 in R
This notebook illustrates how to read, subset and process Sentinel-2 data in R.
Access global soil data from R
This is an R Markdown Notebook which illustrates how to access SoilGrids using the webDAV protocol.
Aggregating Earth Surface data using GEE and R
Author: Francesco Pirotti <> #Summer Webinar Series — Sept. 29, 2020
Accessing elevation data from R
This notebook illustrates how to use the elevatr package for getting raster elevation data.
Leaflet mapping using simplified geometries
This notebook illustrates how to simplify simple features geometries in order to produce lightweight files, and thus, be able to publish leaflet maps in RPubs.
Getting started with Leaflet maps
This is a workaround to "publish" maps when uploading the html to RPubs is not possible.
Leaflet - Part1
This notebook creates a leaflet map from a table of points
Fixed Rank Kriging
A quick exploration of FRK.
Spatial Interpolation
This notebook illustrates spatial interpolation using precipitation data as example.
Land Cover Change Metrics [2]
A notebook to explore land cover change using the ESA CCI Land Cover Product
Land Cover Change Metrics
A notebook to explore land cover change using the MODIS Land Cover Product
Get Soil Moisture Data from R
Illustration of functionalities provided by the R library smapr.
Thematic cartography in R
This notebook illustrates functionalities provided by the cartography package
Exploring and mapping agricultural statistics
An R notebook to illustrate geomatic concepts useful in agronomy.
Getting, processing and visualizing elevation data
This is an illustrative R notebook aimed to help GB students at UNAL with their home activities during this social distancing's time.
Landsat Image Exploration
This is an R Notebook based on the tutorial Remote Sensing Image Analysis with R written by Aniruddha Ghosh and Robert J. Hijmans. It covers the exploration section.
Texture Metrics 2
This notebook explores principal component analysis of textural metrics
Texture Metrics 1
This notebook explores texture metrics.
Illustration of an animated cartogram
This notebook uses a 1993-2015 time series with the undernourished population percentage by country and population data for producing cartograms showing number of people severely affected by food insecurity.
Useful geometric operations
Illustration of a meaningful set of convex hull, alpha hull and buffer operations.
Women in the world - No. 1
A proof-of_concept on women and gender inequality
Mapping World Development Indicators
A guide for mapping development indicators using World Bank data.
Reading and plotting GPX with R
There are several options to read, transform, and display point and track data stored in GPS Exchange (GPX) format using R. This notebook shows one of them.
G4D - Assignment No. 1
Here you find detailed instructions to write your own notebook.
Geospatial data in R
A synthesis based on
Making basic graphics in R
As said.
Procesamiento de la base de datos global armonizada de suelos (HWSD) usando R
Esta nota explica cómo acceder y consultar la base de datos global armonizada de suelos (HWSD) [3] usando R, el programa estadístico de software libre [7]. Estas instrucciones permiten la integración de HWSD con otros datos geoespaciales y facilitan la ejecución de análisis estadísticos.
Soil Moisture Accuracy Assessment
This document evaluates accuracy of soil moisture estimated from remotely sensed data. A SMAP Level 3 dataset is used as reference.
SMAP data
This document describes how to search and download NASA SMAP data.
Surface Soil Moisture from Remotely Sensed Data
Proof of concept to estimate surface soil moisture from topographic and multispectral índices.
Accessing NASA data
A brief overview of the nasadata package functionalities
Testing GSIF and RQGIS packages
This is a simple test of a few geospatial functionalities
Soil Mapping 1