Jerad Acosta

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Demo App for Uncle Ed
Causal Impact
Notes From Google on the Causal Impact library and it's practical application in a marketing campaign
Reducing Accidents in Brooklyn
Using Open NYC data to understand vehicle collisions in Brooklyn.
Trump Word Cloud
Making word clouds from President Donald Trumps tweets and learning some more API, web scraping, and data cleaning techniques.
Foundations of Marketing Analytics Week 1
R Notebook from Week 1 of Foundations of Marketing Analytics. This course is taught by ESSEC Business School and was taken through Coursera.
Using Plotly's arrow head annotation style
Plotly is a great library for easily producing powerfully communicative and interactive graphics in the R language (along with multiple others)
Milestone Report For JHU Data Science Specialization. Goal: Building a Predictive Text model for Johns Hopkins University DataScience Capstone project using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text Mining techniques in R with the addition of Bash and zsh shell scripts