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Kaggle Survey 2019 - Latin America ML Community
This was a 3-day project on which I analyzed a small portion of the Kaggle 2019 Survey data: the LatinX Machine Learning community. This is my first take on a Kaggle competition and my first experience trying to understand ordinal regression models from a Bayesian perspective using Stan.
Energy Indicators: Code
Cleaning and visualisation code for the energy indicator post
Energy Sources: Code
Cleaning and Visualization code for energy sources post.
UK-US: Code
Visualisation Code
R&D: Code
Google Vis Code
FIFA Socioeconomic: Code
Cleaning and visualisation code
FIFA Ranking: Code
Visualisation and production code
Beer: Code and details
This is the code used to create the visualisations
UK and US Historic Data
This posts was inspired by Thomas Piketty's data on income, population and wealth.
Energy Sources
This posts shows what are the most popular sources of energy in different countries.
Energy Indicator LatAm
This post shows some economic data from the energy sector in countries in Latin America.
World Cup Champion
This posts shows the different data used to measure each team's performance during the World Cup.
Beer in the World
This post intends to visualise beer data from around the world. Some of the topics are consumption around the world and alcohol percentage per type and brand of beer.
World Cup vs Economy
This posts compares some socioeconomic features and conditions with the final result in the FIFA World Cup 2014.
R&D Investment
In this post we see how the investment in Research and Development has changed over time in each of the countries.