Joshua Gritt

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Joshua Gritt 2-Way ANOVA Homework
2-way ANOVA of effects of marriage status of parents and gender on life satisfaction
Joshua Gritt AONVAs Lab
1 way ANOVA of effect of gender on stress; 2 way ANOVA of effect of gender and race on stress.
Joshua Gritt Simple Regression Homework
Simple regression of maturity as a function of role transitions.
Simple Regression Lab
Regression test of self-efficacy as a function of subjective well-being
Joshua Gritt Pearson's Correlation Coefficient Homework
running correlation coefficient tests on four continuous variables
Pearson's Correlation Coefficient Lab
Calculating correlation coefficients for 4 continuous variables.
Joshua Gritt T-Test Homework
T-Test to test significance of gender on need to belong.
Gritt Basic Stats HW
Running univariate normality and univariate/bivariate/scatterplots and box graphs of my chosen EAMMi2 variables.
Gritt Basic Stats Lab
Some basic plots and checking univariate normality.
Gritt Data Import Lab
EAMMi2 selected variables (6) data
first R code