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R 4.1 changes
Example of glue_sql engine
URL validation with Rex (
Log Parsing with Rex (
Big Data Binning
The bigvis package by Hadley Wickham is able to generate rapid binned summaries of very large vector data, however it cannot directly generate grouped binned summaries from a data.frame. The dplyr package also by Hadley is able to perform grouping on large data.frames much more quickly than his plyr package or manual subsetting. So lets combine the two packages to do grouped binning summaries of big data!
Cars example
Cars example using the knitrBootstrap package. See for more details
Illusions example - knitr_bootstrap
Some optical illusions, styled with knitr_bootstrap, see
Knitr Bootstrap - Cars example
A simple example of using knitr_bootstrap to style your html report. See