James R. Milks

Recently Published

Predictive Text App
Presentation of a predictive text app created using a 4-Gram Stupid Back-Off model as part of the John Hopkins University Data Science Specialization Capstone Course
Capstone Course Checkpoint 2
Checkpoint 2 document for the Coursera/John Hopkins Data Science sequence Capstone Course.
Slideshow: Hindfoot length vs weight
Dipodomys sp. hindfoot length vs weight
Hometown locations
Locations around my original hometown I intend to visit with my family in the future.
Ocean temperature and salinity vs time and depth
Data analysis from the GAK1 research station at the mouth of Resurrection Bay, Alaska
Quality of Exercise prediction
Machine learning using the caret package. Classification of exercise quality based on accelerometer data.
An example of multiple regression with R using mtcars
Sample R Markdown document showing how to do a multiple linear regression both manually and automatically in R
ANCOVA of simulated ecological data
Generation of simulated data and Analysis of Covariance of said data
Reproducible Research Course Project 2
Analysis of casualty and property damage done by different storm types between 1993 and 2011