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Some notes for a class for RSquareEdge
Week 3
Lesson 1
Simple questions for lesson 1 of introduction to R class
Embedding interactive graphics in a RPubs document
Shows a framework for embedding interactive grahics within an RPubs document.
Lesson 2
The questions (more or less) from lesson 2.
Some comments on <code>simulate.p.value</code> in <code>chisq.test</code>
Some comments on how the p-value is simulated in chisq.test
Lesson 2: R commands
A quiz/commentary on some of the R commands needed for lesson 2
StatisticsDotCom, R Intro, Lesson 2
A basic quiz on some of the topics of lesson 2.
The t distribution and the normal
A few graphics showing the difference between the t and the normal distributions.
Exponents and Logarithms
Some refresher notes for students in a calculus class at
Quadratic equation
Some details on the quadratic equation
Trigonometry review for
A quick review of trigonometry for a calculus class at
Negative log likelihood
Example of differentiating log likelihood to maximize.
Derivative of <code>|1-x^2|</code>
An explanation of the derivative of this function.