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Portfolio growth chart
Pivottable winddata
HTML Java Pivottable
Text analysis graph - Prince
Text analysis - word count Prince
HTML java
Text analysis - Word cloud Prince
HTML java wordcloud
Text analysis in music - Prince
HTML java chart
Wind timeseries
Mean Windspeed Histogram
Max Min Windspeed histogram
Wind Turbine Energy Timeseries
Wind turbine power curve
AI predict diabetes
AI predict diabetes HTML graph
Line Interpolation
Line Interpolations HTML
Temperature graph PlotLy
Temperature graph HTML
HTML Graphs with PlotLY
HTML Graphs with PlotLY
Annual energy production
Annual energy production for Wind Turbines
Met mast frequency
Met Mast Object for Wind Turbines
Met Mast Object
Met Mast Object for Wind Turbines
Credit Modelling ROC curve
Credit Modelling ROC curve
Density plot on loans
Density plot on loan based on grade type HTML
Histogram on interest rate
Histogram on interest rate based on grade HTML
Credit Risk Modelling - loans
Credit Risk Modelling - loans HTML
Credit Risk Modelling - loans
Credit Risk Modelling - loans HTML
Credit Modelling by age
Credit Modelling by age HTML
Credit modelling
Credit modelling: Good/bad HTML
NN & OLS inkl. Boxplot
Neural Networks & OLS
Neural Networks & OLS Predictive Graph
Survival Analysis
Survival Analysis: Kaplan-Meier
Histogram with Trendline
Histogram with Trendline in HTML
Histogram with count
Histogram with count in HTML
Histogram in HTML
Statistics: OLS & Logistic
Statistics: OLS & Logistic HTML
Annova Table
Annova HTML Table
HTML Scatterplot
Group Barplot
QQPlot Panels
QQPlot Panels in HTML
QQPlot in HTML
Boxplot Figures
Boxplot Figures in HTML
Panel Graph Zoom
Panel Graph HTML
Panel Graph
Panel Graph HTML
Panel Graph
Panel Graph HTML
Multiple graph
Multiple HTML graph
Html Graph
Spy500 HTML
Balance Sheet
Balance HTML
Simple Balance
Simple Balance HTML
Waterfall graph
Aktiver og passiver
Stacked Bar Chart
Assets and liabilities HTML
Temperature anomaly
For Geomapping
Population per municipality
Population per municipality in Denmark HTML
European Union
D3 Interactive java HTML
France - Departments by population
D3 Interactive java HTML
Burglary per municipality
Burglary per municipality in Denmark
Fuel efficiency
SPY500 value from 2016-12-01 until 2018-15-07
Predicted Lung Deaths
Illustrated shaded bars, specifying a plot title
Lung Deaths
dygraph created from a multiple time series object
Pivot Table
Pivot Bar Chart
Pivot Bar Chart HTML