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SIRPI Data Science Workshop at IISc Bangalore Jan 29-31 2018
A 3-day intensive and immersive data science workshop. You will get trained in the fundamentals well as in advanced topics of data science using the R programming language. The workshop is designed to demystify data science and to empower participants to perform data analytics. No prior programming experience is necessary. At the end of this workshop you will know data importing, data representation, data wrangling, data visualization, data modeling, and will have ideas on taking your analytics skills to next levels, i.e., machine learning.
Data Science Using R Dec 2017 Online
Course details for SIRPI Data Science Using R. An online course to get you the programming skills for data science. Extra 1-1 online office hours !!
SIRPI Data Science Using R
An introductory course in data analysis and visualisation.
SIRPI: R for Data Science : Sep 2017
Details about the upcoming data science course.
Resume screening via data visualization
Give us a set of resumes and a job description; let the data speak for itself !
Mobile Vendor Landscape in 2017
Mobile vendor landscape in 2017 in India from China, UK and Africa
Data Analysis and Visualization
An Introduction to data analysis and visualization using R.