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Bollywood Data Set Findding
Basic plotting and few findings of Bollywood data
Retail Store Discount Dollars Analysis Presentation
An analysis of store sales and transactions given the discount dollars provided.
Capstone project - week 3 - assignment
The goal of this project is just to display that you’ve gotten used to working with the data and that you are on track to create your prediction algorithm. Please submit a report on R Pubs ( that explains your exploratory analysis and your goals for the eventual app and algorithm. This document should be concise and explain only the major features of the data you have identified and briefly summarize your plans for creating the prediction algorithm and Shiny app in a way that would be understandable to a non-data scientist manager.
Evaluation of Bayesian models: Bayes Factors, and out-of-sample generalization
A note on how Bayes Factors do not necessarily favour the model with better out-of-sample generalization