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Statistical report
practica 1_Econometría
Data Science Specialization - Capstone Project Presentation
This is the presentation explaining the application built for the Capstone Project of the Coursera Data Science Specialization
Country Flags Explorer Pitch Presentation
This application shows a choropleth map of the world countries coloured according to the colors of their flags. It was made as an R Language little project for the “Developing Data Products Course by Johns Hopkins” on Coursera, using Shiny web framework and Leaflet map visualization. The base world map is provided online by OpenStreetMap, the political land borders (polygons) are from Geo-Maps. I've published this project's source code on Github, which I've made freely available for anyone to use and modify for their own project.
practica 1_Econometría
practica 1
Market Basket Analysis - Part 2 of 3
Second part of a Market Basket Analysis project in which I apply various machine learning algorithms for Product Recommendation and select the best performing model with the support of the recommenderlab package
Reporte EJ Hoteles
Practica 1
Practica 1 de econometria
Course Project 2 - Historical Weather Damage
The goal of this analysis is to answer which event types are the most devestating in term of both health and economic consequeses. To accomplish this, we have used historical storm data from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospeheric Administration's (NOAA) database.
Reporte EJ Barcos