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Previsão de vendas
Roteiro de uma previsão de vendas de 12 meses.
Konsep Integration Menghitung Luas
Konsep Integration Menghitung Luas oleh Muhammad Abyan Adil
Time: Milwaukee Bucks
Relatórios de Jogadores e Franquia Assinatura Premium.
BANA 4080 Final Project
DATA624 Brewing Models Exploration
New regulations are requiring us to understand our manufacturing process and the predictive factors with modeling. We also need to choose an optimal predictive model of PH to report to our boss. We have been given historical data regarding our manufacturing process that has already been split into a training set of “StudentData.xlsx” and a test set of “StudentEvaluation.xlsx”. This will be a technical report that showcases our process of tidying the data received and exploring it.