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Test seed in Rmd (macOS)
Related to but now from macOS
Test seed in Rmd
This Rmd file is in response to a question during the R-Ladies Baltimore 2020-10-20 event at
Test doc
Module 12 lab part 2
Module 12 lab part 2 from the "Summer R 2015" course from
Illusion document
Key for module 12 part 1 from "Summer R 2015" course at
Quantiles from Rle's with long lengths
Exploring how to calculate quantiles from the combined elements of a list made up of very long Rle's
Introduction to ggbio
Introduction to the ggbio Bioconductor package for 2013-10-08 "Genomics for students" meeting
Exploring HTS files
Genomics for students 2013-09-24 session
Infinite values in dTable()
Outliers: fixed
Fixed version of the outliers Rmd using rCharts and knitrBootstrap
Remove outliers
Remove outliers
Identify outliers in a data.frame using the sd as the cutoff. Mark the outlier observations as NA and keep a record of which were marked as NAs.
List plot
Make density plots from two lists of vectors, one for up and other for down regions.
Merging ranges accross samples
Merging ranges
Quick demo of the state of the art of derfinder2 using the new RStudio presentation tools
Longest string of ones
A solution for finding the longest string of ones in a vector.
userR2013 data analysis contest: data exploration
useR2013 data analysis competition. Quickly exploring the data.
Run Jeff outliers function
Exploring some functions
Scrapping Ravens data from ESPN
Exercise for #jhsph753 on scrapping data from ESPN on the Ravens 2012 season
Number of ORFs by sliding window example
An example on how to plot the number of ORFs by sliding window along the genome axis.
Introduction to R and Biostatistics
For the 2012 LCG students
First test