Laszlo Gadar

Recently Published

Mean distance of network
Calculations and plots of distance distribution of networks. Comparison of distances of random, small world, scale free networks.
Clusters of survey data
Clusters of responders and question give deeper insight to survey data.
SNN projection of bipartite graphs
Shared nearest neighbor projection of bipartite networks.
Visualize rows and colums orderings of matrix with ggplot2
Examples on orderings. How geom_raster() works.
Fitting power-law with {powRlaw}
A data analysis pipe to fit power-law distribution to a dataset. In this report the dataset is a degree distribution of a graph that generated with {igraph}.
Load bipartite graphs with igraph
Load graph from two and three column data frame and from adjacency matrix. There are some play with weighted and unweighted versions.
Generate (random) graphs with igraph
Generate random (Erdős-Rényi), small world (Wattz-Strogatz), scale-free (Barabási-Albert) random graphs and some calculations about them.
Matrix visualizations with ggplot2
Simple and clusterised matrix visualizations (e.g. coloring tick labels)
Weighted Jaccard similarity
Function to calculate weighted Jaccard similarity of rows of matrix
Multidinemsional scaling (MDS)
Introduction to some MDS function
MDS in practice
Tryout some MDS function on Groceries dataset
Quadratic equation
Prezentation of solution to quadratic equation shiny app