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Fruits example
accessible highcharter demo
Notes on re-licensing
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basketball references
Well, hello there, game changer…
Playing around with tuftesque2 by Nick Strayer
tidyr::separate_rows() FTW
team skims and wins
NBA All-Star Teams
NBA All-Star-Game Voting 2019
Sourcetree rebase
So I remember...
Hammertime × tibbletime
A mashup of tibbletime and magick tutorials by Matt Dancho, and Daniel P. Hadley (respectively).
Publish Document
November happenings in the tidyverse
Draft of November updates in the tidyverse and intro to r-lib
Happy Thanks-ggiving
Happy Thanks-ggiving
A horribly mangled turkey plot…
Tables of Pamgrams
Using the bigrams of Pam Poovey from Archer Seasons 1 - 7 to take a look at different ways of rendering tables through R Markdown.
Pokemon x NBA team medians, and other fun with ggimage
Goofing around with ggimage geometries, NBA stats (by way of stattleship), and some dope NBA logo art from around the web.