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looking at geographical patterns of repertoire sharing
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searching recordings of Dixiphia pipra in acoustic libraries
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Random forest on several metrics of acoustic structure
Evo canto colibries OET 2017
Song degradation sept-2016
Looking at the effect of acoustic degradation on particular acoustic parameters and acoustic similarity measurements
LBH cultural evolution REU 2016
analyses for REU project
LBH condition/cognition
Modelos evolutivos
Analisis Comparativo Filogenetico, UCR I-2016
Graphs in R
How to input data in R
wren duet analysis
Speeding up R
Analysis of coordinated singing oct-15
testing coor.graph and coor.test function from warbleR package
vignette warbleR workflow
Acoustic Analysis in R- IBAC 2015
The workshop focus on functions from the R package warbleR. This package is designed to streamline bioacoustic analysis, providing users with a workflow that facilitates automated spectrographic visualization and acoustic parameter measurements. The functions in warbleR allow users to download recordings from the Xeno-Canto online repository, create maps of recording locations, automatically (or manually) detect signals, print spectrograms of full recordings or individual signals, and perform acoustic measurements. In addition we will review workflow procedures for quantitative (acoustic parameters) and qualitative analyses (visual classification). The workshop will focus on bird vocalizations, but the methods and procedures are also applicable to signals from other taxa.
Introducción a la programación en R
Grace Smith Vidaurre
El lenguaje de programación R
Grace Smith Vidaurre
Introducción a seewave y tuneR
Grace Smith Vidaurre
El lenguaje de programación R sesion 1
por Grace Smith-Vidaurre
ejemplo practican= sonidos R
LBH coordinated singing apr-15
LIAK coordinated provisioning apr-15
coordinating provisioning in little auks
PGLS Regressions of color of several plumage patches against vegetation density
long-billed hermits
long billed hermit bill as daggers stats