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Predict Next Word Application
The **Predict Next Word Application** predict three most probable next words based on the user text input. Johns Hopkins University Capstone Pitch (Coursera)
Coursera Data Science JHU: Capstone Exploratory Analysis
The Data Science Capstone concerns the area of Natural Language Processing and the project objective is to support users in writing text predicting the next word that they will type
International Migrations
The project is an assignment of Coursera Developing Data Products Course (John Hopkins University).
DDP Week 3 Assignment (CO2 Emissions)
This assignment is part of Coursera Developing Data Products course. The project shows the Golbal per capita CO2 Emissions worldwide (2008-2011)
Top Ten Tourist Attractions of Turin (Italy)
Top Ten Tourist Attractions of my city
U.S. NOAA storm database analysis
U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) storm database analysis. Effects of Climate Events on Population Health and Economy