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1821 points on map
1821 SIS samples + geology + sinkholes + major drainages
PA AFS WOrkshop
Interactive Mapping in R
Don't get caught up in the static
Susquehanna River eDNA Map
eDNA Results of Northern Snakehead and Blue Catfish sampling in the lower Susquehanna River in 2019 and 2020.
Diatom Index V3
DRAFT Diatom update materials 20210209
Draft Diatom Index Scores 2021-02-09
2D Diatom Index Score. 2021-01-13. Draft.
Youghiogheny Bug IBI Score Map
6D 200 only - all samples available on the Yough mainstem
Draft Diatom Index Scores 2021-01-13
2D Diatom Index Score. 2021-01-13. Draft.
Susquehanna River Yearly Flow Comparison
Comparison of 130 years of flow on the Susquehanna River at Harrisburg, PA
IR mock-up map
TP Yields across PA with an image popup
WQN Proposed Modification Map
Updated 2020-09-15
Hay Creek Project Map
Hay Creek Project Interactive Map: Site and Chemistry Data for K Bardell
Monomeric vs. Dissolved Aluminum
Data visualization and analysis of differences between monomeric and dissolved aluminum in PA
Monomeric Aluminum in PA
Overview of monomeric Aluminum data availability statewide, limitations with the dataset, and suggestions for improving utility.
Draft Diatom Map
Under Construction
2020 Taxa Revision Analysis
Draft of Tier I analysis on PADEP taxonomic revisions
FAME Nutrient Distributions
Analysis of distribution of drainage size, land use, and nutrient concentrations at FAME and WQN sites.
Taxa Revision Analysis -- Site Cluster Map
Interactive map showing results of cluster analysis performed in R (Matt), cluster analysis performed in ArcPro (Dustin), and clusters by method.
Creating and Committing a GitHub Repository
This tutorial shows the process necessary to commit your working directory to a github repository. A workflow for accessing data directly from github is also included
leaflet rmd training
WQI vs. trout biomass
Interactive map visualization of trout biomass and water quality within HUC12 watersheds where both data types are available.
Potentially incorrect spatial WQN stations in WQI dataset
Spatial analysis of differences in site coordinates between WQI (SIS) and WQN datasets
Centre Co. Assessments
Proof of concept of IR map. Assessments since 2010-10-01 in Centre Co.
WQI vs. Trout Biomass in PA
R WQI Scoring -- Comp Plan
WQI scoring in R
Honey 2019-08-26
Honey Creek field chemistry sampling 2019-08-26