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Urban Freight Delivery
The growth in online shopping has made it possible to bypass traditional storefronts leading to a decrease in shopping trips. However, all this increase in shopping trips has led to an increase in truck traffic in urban areas as good are delivered to residencies. These have an adverse impact on safety, congestion, and pavement lifecycle. Therefore, agencies need to understand the magnitude of this travel in their regions. In this session participants will try to understand the challenges and what data and changes to the modeling framework are needed to account for urban freight delivery.
NHTS Task Force (ABJ45T) - 2019 TRB AM
Activities of the NHTS Task Force (ABJ45T) at the 2019 TRB Annual Meeting
NHTS Task Force at TRB 2018
The NHTS Task Force is excited to present and discuss the activities about the 2017 NHTS and plans moving forward.
NHTS Task Force at TRB 2017
The NHTS Task Force is excited to present and discuss the 2016 NHTS data collection currently underway and plans for the future.
External Flows
Tons to and from Florida via I-10, I-75, and I-95
I-75 Relief Study
How to Visualize Flow Matrix in a Circle
A brief how to on using library(circlize) to visualize flow matrices. Obviously a lot more improvements can be done.