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Jaccard distance calculation
Fit data with a smooth spline; normalize to make AUC equals to 1; then calculate Jaccard distance between two curves.
Distance matrices
Common distance matrices in optimization
Visualization of Gaussian and Laplace noise
Gaussian probabilistic density function is log quadratic. Laplace probabilistic density function is log linear.
Procrustes Analysis
Despite differences in original position, size, and orientation, Data A and B should overlap very well if they have the same "shape".
Exponential Model Fitting
To fit an exponential (decay) model to data which has a trend of decaying and stabilizing over time.
N-ball volume
Peak detection
Peak (local maxima) detection demo
LOESS with cross validation
To find (almost) the best span for LOESS by cross validation
A Gaussian linear heart
Scatter plot of an absolute linear model with Gaussian noise.