Maksim Kokushkin

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Data Import Quality Control Annotated Script
This script illustrates how to perform quality control comparison between reference frequencies calculated in Excel and frequencies after data import into SPSS.
Natural Language Processing Slide Deck
Presenting the Shiny app that guesses the next word in a sequence.
Natural Language Processing Exploratory Report
Milestone report for the capstone of Coursera's Data Science Specialization.
MPG Calculator Presentation
Reproducible pitch presentation for Shiny App estimating mpg based on a vehicle's weight using mtcars data.
Machine Learning: Activity Prediction Based on Tracker Data
Prediction Assignment Writeup
Exploratory Analysis: R Datasets Package
Tooth growth analysis.
Statistical Analysis and Simulation
Exponential distribution and the Central Limit Theorem
Exploratory Analysis: Institutional Learning Analytics
Exploratory analysis report, course evaluation survey data.
R In Action: Safe Water And GDP
Report for Flint Water Crisis blog post.
Frequency Distributions and Group Comparison: Activity Tracker Data
Activity Tracker Data Analysis
Regression Analysis: Fuel Efficiency
Advanced analysis using R Datasets package
Data Processing: Most Significant Weather Events
Analysis of weather events using National Weather Service data.