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MAPpoly2 Introduction
In this tutorial, we will explore MAPpoly2, an R package under development for constructing genetic maps in autopolyploid species. MAPpoly2 is an extension of MAPpoly, designed to handle a wider range of ploidy levels and to provide a more user-friendly experience with additional graphical functions and potential integration with R Shiny. Our focus will be on constructing integrated maps for multiple full-sib families of alfalfa, an important autotetraploid crop. Let’s begin by installing MAPpoly2 from GitHub.
Introduction to MAPpoly 0.3.1
A brief introduction to MAP{poly version 0.3.1 - Presented to the Workshop on Polyploid Genetic Analysis organized by GVENCK genetic study group. Date: Aug 25-26, 2022
Genetic linkage map of an autotetraploid full-sib population
Vignette on using MAPpoly to build a genetic linkage map of an autotetraploid full-sib population.